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Let us drive the profitability of your e-business with our AI-based tools.

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Comprehensive more-than-CRM platform combining tools dedicated for multi‑channel customer data, sales and marketing management.


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(features Professional +)

from 265 EUR /mo.

  • Custom objects
  • Unlimited e-mail testing
  • Custom sales and marketing reporting
  • User limit per account: 10


  • E-mail campaigns (125+ e-mail templates)
  • Drag&drop e-mail editor
  • SMS
  • Forms
  • Landing pages
  • Facebook Custom Audiences and Facebook Lead Ads
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales automation
  • E-mail automation
  • SMS automation
  • Automations map (workflows)
  • Access to 850+ automation recipes
  • Auto responders
  • Transactional e-mail
  • Segmentation (e.g. by product interest, purchase history)
  • Conditional content
  • Lead scoring
  • Lists
  • Unlimited inactive contacts
  • Import existing contacts
  • Build-in CRM (Deals, Accounts, Pipelines)
  • Sync inbox with CRM
  • 360-degree customer profile
  • Task management and reporting
  • Attribution
  • Site, link and event tracking
  • Advanced reporting (e-mail and automation, sales and deals, goals)
  • API and webhooks
  • Integration with 870+ apps
  • User limit per account: 3

from 85 EUR /mo.

from 145 EUR /mo.


  • Site messages
  • Split automations
  • Conversions
  • Predictive sending
  • Predictive content
  • Win probability
  • Sentiment analysis
  • User limit per account: 5
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(features Basic +)

Web-push notifications

from 65 EUR /mo.

Advanced internal search engine for e-shop which predicts and understands the needs of your customers.


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(features Basic +)

from 220 EUR /mo.


  • Autocomplete
  • Standard search engine results page
  • Synonym support
  • Error recognition in entered phrases
  • Linguistic variation
  • Filtering results: basic
  • Supporting more than one language version of the website
  • Integration and conversion measurement in Google Analytics
  • "Show more search results" button instead of pagination
  • Search results sorting: basic
  • Suggestions/prompting results
  • Searching by ID/SKU
  • Single product catalogue
  • Refreshing product catalogue once a day
  • Powered by QON branding - required

from 110 EUR /mo.

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Personalised product recommendation frames, which, based on AI algorithms, display to every customer of an online shop offer tailored to their individual needs, expectations and interests.




from 350 EUR /mo.

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from 700 EUR /mo.

  • Personalised recommendations: Recommended for you
  • Similar products
  • Product page cross-selling
  • Cart page cross-selling
  • Up-selling
  • Bestsellers
  • Previously viewed
  • Discounted or not discounted products
  • Promoting less popular products
  • Basic filters (price, category)
  • Internal A/B tests of recommendation frames in one placement
  • Error 404 page
  • Empty basket
  • Basic look of recommendation frames
  • Supported slider on the recommendation frame
  • RWD mobile version compatible with e-shop's styles
  • Implementation of the product catalogue using a crawler or XML file (Google Merchant)

(features Basic +)

  • Abandoned cart
  • Dedicated, personalised landing page
  • Seasonal product recommendations
  • Displaying a recommendation frame to a selected user segment
  • Selected brands
  • Thank you page
  • Page with product unavailable. Additional frame: This product is not available, find similar products
  • Content page
  • Advanced look of recommendation frames
  • Non-standard slider on the recommendation frame
  • Effects on recommendation frames
  • Action buttons on recommendation frames
  • Labels on recommendation frames
  • Infinite scroll on recommendation frames
  • Implementation of another language versions in recommendation frames (subsequent instances of the e-shop)


One script

is enough for you to go on with our products – we do the rest for you

Wide integration

with 850+ external applications including e-commerce and CRM platforms

Help Center

is a free unlimited space we built for you to access 250+ know-how and technical articles

1-st party cookie

is our guarantee for smooth, privacy regulation-free uninterrupted operation of our tools

IT technical support

is provided by us in the event of requests for additional IT work aimed at better adapting our products to your website

Advanced technology

based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data make our tools precise, up-to-date and predictive

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does from X EUR mean?

The price of individual product package is dependent on the monthly number of unique users in your e-shop and the duration of the contract (the discount granted changes). In the case of marketing automation and CDXP, we also take into account the size of your mailing database. Also, the prices given in this price list are assumed for an e‑shop product catalogue of no more than 20,000 items. It'll all be clear once you contact us for a personalised quote.

No. The implementation of QuarticOn tools are actually limited to up to three simple tasks on your side. Most of the work relies on our IT team. The operation of the tools and the customer panel is also intuitive. In addition, we provide assistance in the form of technical support packages and we provide you with a huge knowledge base with over 250 instructions on how to use and optimise our products.

Do I need to be technically advanced to use your tools?

Will I get a discount if I use all the tools?

Of course, we value your trust and loyalty-based relationship! You can purchase all packages at once ot you can try one tool and then complete your e-commerce arsenal with the rest – it's up to you.

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