An internal search engine in your e-shop based on artificial intelligence.

65% of customers leave the online shop because they are unable to quickly find the product.

Help them get what they are looking for and increase sales.

Recommendation engine

E-mail marketing automation

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AI Smart Search

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Small search engine

Search results in a few seconds

Time is money, especially in e-commerce. If you provide your clients with quick search results, they don't have time to consider whether your competitors are quicker.

Almost 60% of people who buy online use a mobile phone for this purpose. Responsiveness of functionality means comfort for your client, regardless of the device they use.


Typos, synonyms? No problem!

Thanks to our tool, you are able to answer every customer's query – even that at the other end of the world. Smart Search supports up to 35 languages.

The lack of language barrier

Clients buy where they see answers to their needs.
Will they find them in your e-shop?

The newest solutions of QuarticOn reads in the clients' minds and recognise the wrong spelling in queries. It also supports synonyms.

We understand complex queries

We will divide the word "cabin suitcase" into prime factors, distinguishing the product: suitcase and type: cabin.

After the first letters of the word appear, the search engine will display the most likely result, e.g. "Sui" will be completed with "Suitcase". Autocomplete can increase the conversion from search up to three times.

Search suggestions as you type

Discover the benefits of the tool and pay advisedly.

Use Smart Search

"The small search engine and error correction feature increases our revenue by over 33% per month".

Michał Sampolski

Company owner

Full search engine on the search results page

Fun from shopping and better sales results

The message: "The product you were looking for could not be found" will no longer appear to your customers. Finding products with QuarticOn is a guarantee of generating profit where it was most often lost.

Highlight bestsellers, promotions and new products

Above all, display the best-selling products to better promote their sales.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Company colours and your own logo? We give you the opportunity to customise Smart Search. You can adjust the appearance of the tool to the appearance of your shop.

You can show specific products by creating a special landing page for frequently searched phrases such as "notebooks for less than 2 000 EUR".

Automatic landing pages for special occasions

The higher level of customise

As many as 73% of e-consumers prefer the product offer to be customised. Additional filtering using product attributes will allow better matching of results.

Keep consistent with the appearance of your shop

The more searches, the better the results. Our tool can optimise the display of results by using previous experience and shopping preferences of your shop's users.

Making your customer aware that you recognise their needs is the biggest advantage of your shop.

Use Smart Search

„Thanks to the QuarticOn's tool implementation, we have improved our KPIs and knowledge about our client.”

Magdalena Staszczyk

E-commerce manager

TOUS Polska

Use Smart Search

Data analysis and statistics administration

Take a chance on verified data

As many as 17,1% of the whole sales – that much you can generate using the proper search engine in your e-shop. Thanks to QuarticOn you have a clear view on how you sell.

Easy implementation

Create an account in our customer panel and add tags to your website, as well as a script generated especially for you.

Evaluate and use the effectiveness of our actions

The customer panel gives you the opportunity to view the tool's performance statistics. In addition, data collected on the basis of a full analysis of user behaviour on the shop's website can be used for you SEM campaigns.

Traffic is not everything.

Take care of numbers that mean you are making good decisions.

Use Smart Search

"QuarticOn provides us with increased conversions every day. It is a must have tool for anyone who operates in the e-commerce industry."

Peter Mokrý

Marketing Manager


Implementation available:

We make sure that the tool is fully compatible with your website.

Availability for the taking

Install the tool on your own
Are your developers busy? No problem!
You can do it without them.

Leave us the rest
We will configure complicated settings which you chose for your e-shop.

Focus on yourself
Let our tool run in the background
while you do your job.







375 EUR


The immediate conversion growth. Start selling more now.

Change the search from scratch and get your business rolling.

1000 EUR


* It has the functionalities from the previous package.



Tailor-made solution

Do you need a tailor-made solution?

No problem, we can handle this.


Smart Search was built with
e-commerce in mind and for e-commerce


Clients' portals

Video on Demand

and comparison shopping engines

and programming companies

and e-magazines

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